10 MM Saria Rate Today Per Kg 2022

Today we know what is 10 MM Saria Rate Today because building material plays An Important role in building a house, in which TMT bar is the Most Important material. Every person wants his House to be Strong and Good, so people ask the rates of many saria companies in the market.

But due to the presence of many sariya companies in the market, they do not know the exact price of 10 mm TMT bars per kg. So here you can see almost the exact price of 10mm or 3 sut bars which is currently running in the market.

10 MM Saria Rate Today

The price of 10 mm TMT bar is Rs 103 per kg. Although its rate in the market keeps on fluctuating, But this will give you an idea of ​​how much this saria costs. The rate list below is on a per kg basis, and each piece is 12 meters in length.

TMT Bar SizeSaria Rate
10mm saria price todayRs. 103

So hope that you have come to know what is 10 MM Saria Rate Today and if you want to know the sariya price of other companies in the same way, then you can take this information on this site.

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